The Crew



Kyle has no idea what he’s doing with his life. He works as a pizza delivery guy, but even that feels overwhelming at times




Jill is tougher than you and always ready to prove it, so be sure to get out of her way if she comes skating by



Henrik the Stout

Henrik wants to prove his valor by rescuing someone in need



Sancho Ville

Sancho loves having good food and a good time with friends




Jan loves making artisan foods and studying history



Larry the Hipster

He will try not to roll his eyes while you order your “double-shot, extra whip, light caramel macchiato latte”



Captain William Marshall

Captain Marshall is on the first manned mission to Mars where he is gathering soil samples. As an extreme introvert, he is enjoying the solitude afforded him by being the only person on the planet


R. Perdu

Randall Perdu

Randall loves hiking and spending time in the outdoors, and he never goes anywhere without his trusted backpack, compass, and map. He is always ready to see what adventures await and where the trail will take him.


Fire Couple

The Firefighting couple

Hank and Karen met while rescuing puppies from a burning home. Hank says he was attracted by the flicker of flames reflected in Karen’s eyes



Chicken Guy

Chicken Guy is there to make sure all your deep fried needs are met


 les Parisiens

les Parisens

This trio of sophisticated socialites have that certain “je ne sais quoi”


Smith Family

The Smith Family

They’re the average suburban family who lives around the corner. Between work, soccer practice, and PTA meetings, they keep themselves busy



Auburn Beard

Auburn Beard the Pirate

The dreaded Auburn Beard the Pirate will not cease his merciless rampage of looting and plundering until he is the richest pirate to sail the seas



Violet the Pirate Queen

Violet is the self-appointed Pirate Queen and she wants to make sure everyone acknowledges her title




So many people have such lofty or complicated dreams for their lives; Cyclops just wants to eat people




This vicious troll soldier is on a mission to conquer lands for his clansmen



Ivan the Proud

Ivan the Proud knows he is not the greatest dwarf to ever live; all he wants is to be more famous than his brother Henrik the Stout


Burglar1 Burglar2

Burglar Guy

Some people were born to dance or paint or play football. This guy believes he was born to steal all your valuables