Mission to Mars

Log Entry 3: Day 10

Today I set up the first of many meteorological survey sites on the martian surface. The hope is that the data collected here with help us understand weather patterns back on Earth

Mars 2a Mars 2b Mars 2c

Satellite image of Captain Marshall at work

Mars 2d


Mission to Mars

Log Entry 1: Day 2

This is Captain William Marshall reporting from the first manned mission to Mars. My arrival on the red planet went as expected. Day 1 I set up my base of operations. Day 2 I have set out to collect my first soil samples from nearby craters.

As an introvert, I must say it is nice being alone. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just don’t like having to listen to them talk. Being here gives me time to think while I cruise along on the martian surface.¬†

20161007_104018 20161007_104037 20161007_104111